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Docker at SnykCon 2020

We are excited to be a gold sponsor of the inaugural SnykCon virtual conference, a free online event from Snyk taking place this week on October 21-22, 2020. The conference will look at best practices and technologies for integrating development and security teams, tools, and processes, with a specific nod of the secure use of […]

Slash waste with DevOps ways of working

Parallels between manufacturing and software development have led many organisations to adopt lean principles for digital product creation and management. A core feature of lean is reducing waste in production by focusing on value delivery. The idea is that operating more efficiently delivers tangible business benefits, from reduced costs to better employee engagement and customer […]

Abstraction Layers in Programming: An Overview

This article explains abstraction layers, which you can use in many programming domains. Let’s get started. What is an abstraction layer? The abstraction layer creates a separation between two things. For programming, this is often splitting tasks into separate entities. For example, an entity A might be assigned the task of fetching an image from […]