Selenium is a suite of tools that includes: Selenium IDESelenium WebDriverSelenium Grid and Selenium Standalone Server. Selenium is a tool for automating browsers, which means that Selenium makes browsers execute commands according to your scenario. This is why it’s the perfect tool for web application testing, but you are not limited to just that.

Selenium WebDriver is a free, open-source, portable software-testing framework for testing web applications. It provides a common application programming interface (API) for browser automation. Selenium WebDriver is a library that you call from your code, which executes your commands on the browser of your choice. It is an open source library for Automating browser level actions like click, type, selected a value from the dropdown etc. 

WebDriver has a built-in implementation of Firefox driver (Gecko Driver). For other browsers, you need to plug-in their browser specific drivers to communicate and run the test….


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