is an open source automation framework for running various open source load
testing tools and functional testing tools.

Taurus supports Apache JMeter, the most popular open source
load testing tool, Selenium, Gatling, The Grinder, and others

Containers are virtual “boxes” inside machines that run the programs installed on them (and only the programs installed on them) in an isolated environment. Using containers enables you to know exactly which tools and plugins you are running and testing, and avoid dependency issues with other tools/versions on your machine. 

Containers make your work faster, more accurate and let you focus only on what you want to work on. They are also very efficient because they take only a little memory or CPU from your machine. To run a container you need an image. Images are snapshots, which are essentially running instructions. You can develop and run containers through platforms like Docker.

In this blog we will run the Taurus…


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