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JMeter 5.3 Released !!

JMeter Below are major improvements for JMeter 5.3 release: Themes Added Darklaf look and feel that improves several components. Light: IntellJ Solarized Light HighContrast Light Dark: OneDark Solarized Dark HighContrast Dark Tree indentation level is easier to follow: JMeter tree with Darklaf Darcula theme JMeter tree with Darklaf IntelliJ theme New look and feel themes. […]

Parallel Testing with Zalenium using AKS

Selenium is most widely used open source tool for UI automation testing. As we are moving towards more Agile development and faster delivery of software product, QA team are getting short time frame to perform the testing ,so QA developers are finding ways to execute the tests in parallel to save the time .Selenium provides […]


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