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When Atlassian originally introduced Bitbucket almost a decade ago, our vision was simple: to create a central place for enterprise teams to design and manage their source code. Since then, we’ve evolved our mission to become the git solution for professional teams, allowing users to be more efficient, innovate faster, and deliver better value to their business. And for teams practicing DevOps, we’ve increased our focus on unifying work across the entire development lifecycle. Bitbucket Server & Data Center 7.4 demonstrates another step in that evolution with the launch of Integrated CI/CD, a seamless way to connect Bitbucket to the leading CI/CD solutions, increasing developer velocity and accelerating time to production.

Integrated CI/CD facilitates a streamlined workflow that’s easy to use and provides contextual feedback at every stage of the software development cycle – without leaving your Bitbucket instance. This means less context switching, fewer…


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