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Refreshed New UI for a Greater CI/CD Experience

Here at Semaphore, we are committed to providing excellent CI/CD performance and outstanding usability to the next generation technology leaders. Since 2012, we’ve been incrementally improving our CI/CD software based on your feedback while keeping the end goal in mind: to develop a stable, mature, and innovative CI/CD tool that world-class engineers would find truly […]

Docker Certifications: A Brief Introduction

Docker is an important tool for DevOps developers who use this platform to create faster, leaner, more agile objects, programs and code using containers. Containerization is a process that allows a developer to create a development environment in which configurations and customizations are designed into the container environment, ensuring peak performance of applications and resulting […]

Docker Talks Live Stream Monthly Recap

It’s time for a round up of Docker Talks, this time from the month of August. As you may remember, Chad Metcalf (@metcalfc) and I (@pmckee) started the weekly live-streaming video series to connect with you, our extended family of developers, and to help you succeed in your Docker journey. In August, we held four […]

The technical debt quadrant

Is technical debt ALWAYS bad? It’s a question we’ve touched on a lot in earlier blog posts. Whether you’re a scale-up CTO or tackling legacy issues at an enterprise insurance organisation, managing technical debt is a challenge.    One model we often refer to is Martin Fowler’s technical debt quadrant. It takes a simple approach […]

Five ways DevOps helps with technical debt

Many organisations uncover mountains of technical debt during their migration to the cloud. But what is technical debt and how can DevOps help us deal with it? In this post, we discuss five ways DevOps can turn your technical debt mountain into a molehill!   What is technical debt? Technical debt is the accumulation of sub-optimal […]


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