Java is a popular programming language for enterprise businesses. In fact, in both 2018 and 2019, almost 63% of Java programmers exclusively programmed in Java. That speaks to the popularity of the language that can be used for everything from web applications to back-end development.

In 2020, unforeseen challenges have shifted enterprise business leaders from planning for a natural progression of digital evolution that occurs after digital transformation to reacting to the immediate needs of customers and employees during COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the maneuvering, Java remains stable, consistent, practical, and engaging for programmers looking to continue to develop their skills in this competitive business climate.

Here’s the state of Java in 2020:

Summing Up the Java Ecosystem

Data on the state of Java suggests the java ecosystem is unique because it is static in some aspects and quite dynamic in others. For instance, Java developers are sometimes professionals of habit,…


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