When it emerged within Google, the original idea of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) was that about 50% of the work of site reliability engineers (SREs) would focus on operations and the other 50% on development. However, a recent report by Catchpoint looking at data from early 2020 shows that this expectation is no longer the reality.

It is now apparent that SREs perform a wider distribution of tasks that have a heavier focus on infrastructure operations than application development. The report goes into more detail about this distribution of responsibilities, the recent effects of COVID-19, and the future of SRE.

SRE Report Overview

The Catchpoint report took place at a unique time in the world and IT. It consists of two sets of survey data, with the first being from February of 2020, before the global COVID-19 pandemic changed the workplace landscape. The second set of data was collected in May, about the time when most SREs and other IT professionals had started to work…


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