Live With Android 10, Multilingual Keyboard, GeoIP Reproduce & More!

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Ahoy testers! We love to connect with you every now and then to update you with our product’s latest add-ons. Keeping up with that tradition, we are back with the latest product updates, and we have a lot of them this time.

We now have-

Exciting, right? Well, we are also super excited to bring these new features to make testing your favorite task of the day.

Recently we launched our Newsletter- Coding Jag and revamped LambdaTest Community to make it easy for you to stay updated on tech news; join now if you haven’t done that already.

Now without any further ado, let’s jump into the details of this week’s updates.

Android 10 Is Now Supported Over A Range Of Mobile Browsers

We now support Android 10 to help make your web design responsive across a wide range of mobile devices. Below is the list of devices that have been added for real time testing on Android 10; we will be adding more as per our user requirements.

  • Google Pixel 4
  • One Plus 7T
  • One Plus…


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