9 Of The Best Reporting Tools For Selenium

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When it comes to testing with Selenium, a detailed test report generated using the right reporting tool for Selenium can do wonders for the testing activity. Test reports generated using Selenium reporting tools give detailed insights into the testing activity and show the test scenarios’ status.

Often you come across situations where you need the test reports immediately, to either present it to someone or for some other purpose. In those situations, you can leverage the best reporting tool for Selenium to generate short & understandable test reports so that anyone from the team can quickly grasp the information.


Importance of Selenium Reporting Tools

As Selenium provides client APIs for multiple languages such as Java, C#, Python, R, and many more, it is essential to choose the best reporting tool for Selenium that meets the preferred programming language requirements and also fulfills your criteria.

Selenium test result reports should carry all the…


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