Selenium Focus Issues And How To Solve Them

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Do you know that every website or web application comprises different web pages containing different web elements like buttons, text boxes, progress bars, etc.? However, the web is asynchronous in nature. Hence, all the web elements may not be loaded simultaneously, i.e., the web elements might be loaded dynamically using AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML).

While performing automation testing in Selenium, your test code or test script could result in erroneous results if it is interacting with a web element that is not yet loaded in the Document Object Model (DOM). Or if it is on another iFrame, tab, or window which is not in focus, or any such scenarios. These types of unexpected erroneous outcomes are known as Selenium focus issues.

Selenium can only control a browser when its window is in focus. How do you ensure that the Selenium test code interacts with web elements when they are in focus? You can use workarounds like the addition of minimal delay…


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