Oct ‘20 Updates: Community 2.0, Coding Jag, Underpass, Extension With Azure Pipelines & More!

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Boo! It’s the end of the spooky season, but we are not done with our share of treats yet!

We are always working tirelessly to improve your LambdaTest experience, and it can be a little hard to keep track of everything. To end October 2020 on a happy note and keep you well-informed, we are here with a compilation of all the updates and features we went live with this month. You wouldn’t believe what all we have achieved this month unless we show you!

Let’s check out all the cool new additions!

We introduce you to the all-new LambdaTest Community, a place to collaborate with like-minded people worldwide. With a user-friendly design and many new tweaks, Community 2.0 aims at bridging the gap between testers and the rest of the software community.

LambdaTest Community

This time around, you will find some interesting sections like:

  • Getting started with LambdaTest
  • Community Showcase
  • From The Experts
  • Events
  • General Discussions
  • From The House Of LambdaTest
  • Product…


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