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Hey folks! We hope this announcement finds you well amid this pandemic. In 2018, we announced the first release of the Lambda tunnel to help our customers conduct cross browser testing on their locally hosted web applications and web pages before pushing them out for the world to see. If you have been following our latest updates, you know the LambdaTest team has been hard at work, updating the existing platform and putting together some great new features for our users. Now, we’re back again with our latest product update.

We’re delighted to announce that from November 2020 onwards, we have rolled out an upgraded version of the Lambda Tunnel binary with a new user interface, enhanced security mechanisms, and much more.


Let’s dive in to uncover the great features of this new binary.

What’s New In The Revamped Lambda Tunnel?

Without further ado, let us start right off with everything there is to know about the all-new Lambda Tunnel. Here are the…


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