Cypress Vs Selenium: How To Pick The Right Testing Tool For You?

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Selenium is one of the most prominent automation frameworks for functional testing and web app testing. Automation testers who use Selenium can run tests across different browser and platform combinations by leveraging an online Selenium Grid. Though Selenium is the go-to framework for test automation, Cypress – a relatively late entrant in the test automation game has been catching up at a breakneck pace.

Like Selenium, Cypress is also an open-source test automation framework for testing web applications. And that’s where the big Cypress vs Selenium fight begins! Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that might come up when doing a Cypress vs Selenium comparison:

  • Is Cypress an alternative to Selenium?
  • How does Cypress fare when compared with Selenium?
  • Like Selenium, does Cypress also support a range of popular programming languages?
  • What is the essential architectural difference between Selenium and Cypress?
  • Does Cypress also support cross…


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