on Nov 8, 2021
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Kit Colbert joined VMware in September 2003 (following an internship in 2002) and currently serves as senior vice president and chief technology officer. He is responsible for ensuring VMware’s long-term technology leadership through research and innovation programs, with the primary goal of positively impacting and shaping the future of VMware, its ecosystem, and its customers.

on Nov 5, 2021
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Noelle Silver is a multi-award-winning technologist and entrepreneur specializing in conversational AI and Voice Technology, Operationalizing Data Science, and Cloud-Native App Development in the hybrid cloud. She has led teams at NPR, Microsoft, and Amazon. Silver is the founder of AI Leadership Institute, where she mentors and coaches girls and young women to pursue a […]

on Nov 4, 2021
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Laura Braverman is a Senior Software Engineer for IBM. She has twenty years of experience in the Enterprise Storage industry at IBM and Oracle. She has a breadth of experience ranging from system-level testing to full-stack development to leading software development teams. In her current role, she serves as Scrum Master and developer with the […]

on Nov 3, 2021
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Originally a professional musician, Thomas Krag decided to leave the music industry and transition into Systems Engineering more than a decade ago. Through VikingOps, a DevOps consultancy company, he helps anything from large enterprises to startups understand the value of topics like Cloud Native, DevOps and apply these ways of working to their company.