on Jul 29, 2022
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If you’re going to do a webinar about DevOps, you go straight to the source, and BMC recently hosted a chat with DevOps superstar and Tripwire founder and former chief technology officer (CTO) Gene Kim to talk about all thing DevOps and more. Including the Mainframe in Your DevOps Journey Early in the webinar, BMC […]

on Jul 21, 2022
509 views 21 secs

Our webinar on how to optimize the developer experience with Open DevOps features Atlassian product manager Gareth Wham and product marketing manager Tamulyn Takakura. They shared the basics of what it means to practice DevOps and how companies have implemented a DevOps culture. They also walked through a demo to show how to develop, deploy, […]

on Jul 20, 2022
578 views 25 secs

In a recent LinkedIn Live Event hosted by AppScore I chatted with the platform’s Co-Founder and Director Geoff Davies about cloud migrations. We covered a lot of ground, from the importance of good planning to the inevitability of trade-offs. I shared our favourite graphic for illustrating the various cloud migration pathways and we talked about […]

on Jul 18, 2022
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Monitoring as code is emerging as a vital and sophisticated part of the cloud operations management mix. This goes beyond the automated installation of monitoring agents and plugins. At its best, monitoring as code significantly improves observability as well as automating diagnosis, alerts and incident management. It can also bring automation to the remediation of […]

on Jul 14, 2022
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Less than 12 months ago Scott Ankin joined us as a cloud engineering graduate. Today he’s a valued member of the team who confidently handles complex tasks. He also takes part in grad fairs, spreading the word about cloud career opportunities, so we asked his advice for people considering this path. When Scott joined us […]