on Sep 16, 2022
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Our managed services team runs an ongoing Datadog hackathon to keep on top of the platform’s emerging and evolving features. Cloud engineers hone their skills while contributing to a repository of insights and ‘as code’ templates for rapid deployment. My colleague Mike Lazenby recently wrote about how we use Terraform to manage Datadog resources on […]

on Sep 11, 2022
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To aid with our understanding of Observability vs Monitoring let’s look at the evolution of the Enterprise IT world. Enterprise IT, application and business service development are increasingly complex. The interdependencies within the underlying architecture has become more fragmented resulting in difficulty visualizing the full IT Stack. The internet delivers IT infrastructure services from hyperscale […]

on Sep 6, 2022
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Cloud-to-cloud migration is not for the faint-hearted. But after a business merger or acquisition it’s sometimes a necessary step. This post looks at our work for Zego, a provider of flexible insurance solutions for business vehicles. Zego has an established presence on AWS and following its acquisition of vehicle insurance telematics specialist Drivit, a cloud-to-cloud […]