on Oct 28, 2022
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Are you still manually provisioning devices? How many people are involved in your device deployment strategy? When was the last time you updated a device in your fleet? When it comes to dedicated device management, there are a lot of hard ways to figure out a solution, but how do you streamline? We’re talking about […]

on Oct 26, 2022
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Device compatibility is one of the most important considerations for MDM. If your devices won’t work correctly with your MDM, then you’re paying for software that costs you time instead of saving it.  But how do you assess compatibility? There’s always the trial and error method, but that’s costly and time consuming. You could also […]

on Oct 21, 2022
322 views 25 secs

Android MDM and Mobile Device Management are in the same family of tools and services. Mobile Device Management (MDM) alone refers to management of any mobile device, while Android MDM refers to management of Android mobile devices specifically. Do you have a group of Android devices to manage? Then you need Android MDM, at the […]

on Oct 19, 2022
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It’s dangerous to go alone! Take us with you! In this episode, we’re joined by our very own Jon West and Nikhil Punathil at Esper to discuss a key part of what we do here — getting AOSP up and running on ARM and x86 hardware. If you want to port AOSP, it’s not as […]

on Oct 18, 2022
262 views 18 secs

Point of sale terminals are simply modern cash registers (which are best described as POS systems). Antiquated definitions of POS terminal, payment terminal, and other terms may specifically refer to credit card machines or card readers. But modern POS terminals universally accept card payment, making this distinction unnecessary and confusing. You can use POS terminal, […]

on Oct 14, 2022
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With every release, Android adds new, useful ways to organize and manage notifications. Android 11, for example, added a dedicated space in the notification panel just for media playback notifications. These media playback notifications also got an output switcher button that users could tap to quickly change what device they want their media to play […]

on Oct 11, 2022
298 views 30 secs

Whether you’re buying a new POS system or upgrading an existing one, shopping for a POS device can be a challenge. Should you buy an all-in-one? Or is it better to buy the hardware and add your own software? There are pros and cons to each, and depending on your situation, one may make more […]

on Oct 7, 2022
300 views 28 secs

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Every time there’s a new Android release, I question if there’s some hidden meaning behind some of the new features. Did the Android team introduce a new feature in anticipation of a future trend, to standardize something that’s already in use, because OEMs asked for it, or […]

on Oct 6, 2022
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Line busting is exactly what the name implies: a way to reduce checkout times and get customers through lines at your store or restaurant more quickly. With the help of modern technology, many restaurants, retail stores, and other hospitality businesses use line busting techniques to keep lines short and customers happy.   Line busting solutions are […]

on Oct 3, 2022
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The game day concept originates in hackathons, where programmers get together to build or improve upon a piece of software. Game days however are more inclusive of non-technical people. They offer many benefits, especially for organisations on the cloud adoption journey. This post explains what game days are and gives ten good reasons to hold […]