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Polymorphism In Programming

Polymorphism is defined as an object that can take on various forms. This article will look at polymorphisms and how they’re used in programming. What is a polymorphism? At its base level, a polymorphism is part of mathematic type theory. In computer science, a polymorphic object is an object that is capable of taking on […]

Abstraction Layers in Programming: An Overview

This article explains abstraction layers, which you can use in many programming domains. Let’s get started. What is an abstraction layer? The abstraction layer creates a separation between two things. For programming, this is often splitting tasks into separate entities. For example, an entity A might be assigned the task of fetching an image from […]

Java vs Go: What’s The Difference?

Let’s take a look at the differences and similarities in Java and Go, two globally popular programming languages. Java vs Go: A quick glance Java is the older and more widely used programming language. It is object-oriented, has a larger community—thus library, and relies on the Java virtual machine (JVM). Go, or Golang, is newer, […]


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