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UCSD Extension - devOps CI/CD

Course Description

This course will describe techniques, processes and tools to achieve continuous delivery by connecting and automating all phases of software delivery, including configuration management, automated acceptance testingdependency management and the creation and management of testing and production environments. These techniques are widely applicable to all sorts of different software projects—big, small and highly technical.

This course takes a practical approach and covers the tools and strategies of Continuous Delivery. It starts with familiarizing you with Continuous Delivery concepts and then show you how to start creating your own Jenkins Pipelines to create your build, test and deployment jobs as well as how to integrate Jenkins with integration and delivering tools such as Maven, GitHub, Nexus, JMeter, Packer and Terraform

This course is ideal for engineers, architects, and developers, who wish to learn the core strategies of Continuous Delivery.

DevOps Infrastructure & Pipelines

The class starts by building the DevOps infrastructure first. The infrastructure is compose of an Ubuntu WSL, GitHub, Your AWS Account, and a Nexus Repository. At the end of the class, you will have the complete DevOps infrastructure and DevOps Pipelines running in your own AWS Environment.

Includes All Of The DevOps Code

This DevOps online class comes with all of the code that you need to build the multi-job, multi-phase pipeline. It includes a simple java web application, the packaging job, the exploratory testing job, the API test job, the Performance job, and the Deployment job. The deployment job includes the infrastructure as code implementation of a blue and green environment using Terraform on the AWS Cloud.

Create This Multi Job Pipeline In Jenkins

Class Benefits


Once you see the DevOps online videos, you will be able to create your DevOps infrastructure in your environment.


You will be able to see on DevOps online videos how to setup your own infrastructure and devops pipelines from scratch. The videos will explain what needs to be set up. And they will show you how to do it. From the beginning to end. The DevOps videos will walk you step by step.


After seeing the videos, and creating your DevOps infrastructure and DevOps pipelines, you will understand the DevOps process and concepts, it’s power and its strength.

Course Information

  • Introduction to Continuous Delivery
  • Configuration Management
  • Implementing Continuous Integration
  • Testing Strategies
  • Deployment Pipelines
  • Deployment Installation Scripts
  • Automatic Acceptance Test
  • Automating Non-Functional Test
  • Infrastructure Environment
  • Strong understanding of Continuous Delivery Process, Techniques and CICD Tools, and their applications.
  • Ability to manage source code, build scripts to the environment and application configuration required to build, deploy, test, and release applications.
  • Capability to build and run automated tests against every change made to the application to ensure software is always in a working state.
  • Experience with configuration, automation, and the implementation of infrastructure automation (Infrastructure as Code) with Terraform and Packer in the AWS Cloud.
  • Understand acceptance tests importance to continuous delivery, and how to create a cost-effective acceptance test suite that will protect the application’s valuable functionality.
  • Ability to setup the acceptance, capacity tests, and manual test within the Pipelines and configure them to run on their own environments.
  • AWS account
  • PDF Reader
  • Open-source software (download links will be provided)
  • Ubuntu WSL

Learn Infrastructure As Code Using Terraform


In this class, the DevOps infrastructure is built as code using Terraform. At the end of this class, you will have a complete AWS VPC, including two subnets, ELBS, AutoScaling, Target Groups, etc.


The Jenkins Pipelines will provision a Blue and Green Deployment automatically using Jenkinsfiles and Terraform.

Support Available


You will be able to work on your own DevOps Environment independently. If you need help troubleshooting any aspect of your DevOps infrastructure or pipelines, you can get help by posting your issues on the class forum. The class also has an optional Google Meet once a week for students that would like to share their workstation with the class when having issues.


DevOps is in such high demand and is such an essential technology in so many aspects of the Software Industry, this class often qualifies for your employers education reimbursement. Please verify this with your employer before paying for this class.

FAQ about the DevOps Class

What Tools Are Used In The Class?
  • Jenkins – to orchestrate our DevOps Pipelines
  • GitHub – to version control our DevOps Pipelines Scripts and Code
  • Terraform – to build our Infrastructure as Code (IasC)
  • AWS – this is the environment we deploy our test VMs and where we exercise the Blue and Green Deployments
  • Ubuntu – this is the environment we use for development of our pipelines
  • Packer – to build the AWS Images
  • JMeter – to automatically test our test web application
What If I Don’t Have Any Prior Experience In AWS?

That is not a problem! In the class videos, I will show you step by step how to create an AWS account, create an GitHub account, how to log in to your AWS EC2 instances, and just about how to do everything you need to create your DevOps environment. And in case you have questions, I have a weekly Google Meet meeting where you can share your screen and myself and anyone else in the class can help you troubleshoot any errors you might have.

Is the course 100% online?

Yes. The course is 100% online. Every week, you will have online access to that week’s material. All of the material is 100% online. You can complete the classwork and watch the videos based on your own schedule. Keep in mind that the classwork will need to be completed by the end of the course to get a satisfactory completion grade.

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What past students are saying

The best part of the class is the various aspects of DevOps and the CI/CD pipeline. I learned a lot. Thank you!
I really liked that the course focused on the hands on learning (labs) evenly with the theoretical (reading). For this topic especially, the hands on learning is critical, and is something that is missing in other courses.
~Anonymous Reviewer
Former Student
This class was fantastic for me! It helped to fill in gaps in my experience - I was familiar with some of the tools and practices, but not all, and putting together the final project facilitated my understanding of the mechanisms of a working CI/CD pipeline.
Former Student

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