11 Reasons Why Developers Should Use LT Browser

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A front-end web developer crafts a web page keeping in mind the viewers’ current trends and interests. Two decades ago, the options and technologies were limited. But today, the story has changed. There are a lot of tools and opportunities for a front-end web developer to consider. The usage of these tools increases the complexities of the overall arrangement while allowing a developer’s comfort area. There is a need to have a tool like LT Browser to help a web developer analyze his mistakes, provide a real-time view of the multiple devices, and help him understand how his web application might perform in the market.

In this post, we shall go through the LT Browser, which is developed specifically for front-end developers, designers, product managers, testers, and anyone who wants to ensure that their website looks great and can leverage those features to boost the website’s productivity.

1. Check For Responsiveness

Responsiveness is the property of the…


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