13 Best Test Automation Frameworks: The 2021 List

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Automation frameworks enable automation testers by simplifying the test development and execution activities. A typical automation framework provides an environment for executing test plans and generating repeatable output. They are specialized tools that assist you in your everyday test automation tasks. Whether it is a test runner, an action recording tool, or a web testing tool, it is there to remove all the hard work from building test scripts and leave you with more time to do quality checks. Test automation is a proven, cost-effective approach to improving software development. Therefore, choosing the best test automation framework can prove crucial to your test results and QA timeframes.



As per the State of open source survey, almost 37% of organizations now integrate test automation into their Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery(CI/CD) process, enabling developers to instantly know whether or not the latest code change broke any aspect of the application…


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