15 Advanced CSS Techniques To Master In 2021

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CSS is used to describe how HTML elements should be presented on the web page. CSS can not only provide colors, positions to the HTML elements, etc. but also create animations and amplify your web page. Developers and web designers are intrigued by ways to try out advanced CSS techniques and contribute to the advancement of what CSS can do. CSS is becoming more dominant and now provides many opportunities to create engaging and browser compatible websites.

This CSS tutorial of advanced techniques will look at some advanced CSS tricks and techniques that will help you master your modern web design and web development skills in 2021.

Let’s explore the top advanced CSS tricks and techniques.

1. Background Repeat

CSS background is one of the most advanced CSS techniques; however very rarely used by developers. Using multiple backgrounds is still not well known across all developers.

The background-repeat property sets how a background image will be repeated. It…


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