15 Release Train Principles for Android DevOps

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DevOps is a dynamic practice that spans people and culture, technologies, and processes. DevOps isn’t dogma. This means Android DevOps teams have the freedom to pull practices and working methods from complementary disciplines.

Esper’s Android DevOps team uses Release Trains to enhance our release management process, which is a concept that was born within the Agile methodology. According to Scaled Agile Framework, “the Agile Release Train (ART) is a long-lived team of Agile teams, which… develops, delivers, and…operates, one or more solutions in a value stream.”

When put into practice, release trains are defined by a fixed schedule for grouping new features, bug fixes, and improvements into frequent releases. At Esper, our release trains depart on a weekly basis. Here’s how we put this concept into practice at our Android DevOps startup and how it’s created an advantage. 

15 Release Train Principles for Android Developers and Operations

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