18 DevOps Tools for Infrastructure Automation and Monitoring

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To achieve faster application delivery, the right tools must be used in DevOps environments. There is no single tool that fits all your needs such as server provisioning, configuration management, automated builds, code deployments, and monitoring. Many factors determine the use of a particular tool in your infrastructure.  In this article, we will look into core tools that can be used in a typical DevOps environment.

DevOps Tools for Infrastructure Automation

There are many tools available for infrastructure automation. Which tool to be used is decided by the architecture and needs of your infrastructure. We have listed a few great tools below which come under various categories like configuration management, orchestration, continuous integration, monitoring, etc,

We have categorized the toolsets into the following.

  1. Infrastructure as Code
  2. Continuous Integration/Deployment
  3. Config/Secret Management
  4. Monitoring

Infrastructure as Code

These tools can help you manage all infrastructure…


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