2021 Puppet State of DevOps Report Highlights – A decade of DevOps

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Today’s release of the 2021 Puppet State of DevOps Report marks the 10th anniversary of the State of DevOps Report.

This year I was lucky enough to be one of the contributors to the report. As such, I got my hands on an advance copy so in this post I’ll summarise my key takeaways and insights from the report. I urge you to download the full report here. It’s definitely worth reading and is packed with awesome DevOps insights.

The #1 insight is that the majority of organisation are “stuck in the middle” level of DevOps performance. The percentage of middle tier DevOps performance organisations has remained remarkably constant over 2018-2021 at around 78%.

So why are they stuck? Is it slow cloud adoption? Is it legacy technology? No. The main blockers are cultural. A culture that discourages risk. Lack of clear responsibilities. Most of all? A failure of leadership at the top to promote DevOps, remove barriers and build momentum behind the DevOps…


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