3 key takeaways from our Open DevOps webinar

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Our webinar on how to optimize the developer experience with Open DevOps features Atlassian product manager Gareth Wham and product marketing manager Tamulyn Takakura. They shared the basics of what it means to practice DevOps and how companies have implemented a DevOps culture. They also walked through a demo to show how to develop, deploy, and manage applications using Atlassian Open DevOps. The webinar is available on-demand here. You can also find a list of commonly asked questions.

Here are three key takeaways that can help you and your team no matter where you are in your DevOps journey.

1. DevOps automation gives developers more time to focus on delivering value

Developers’ work has evolved over the years due to changes in work pace, workload, and even the workplace. Their scope of work can now include operations, implementing workflows, security, testing, and much more outside of writing code. But this added responsibility can slow down the entire…


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