4 key ways to step up your DevOps game

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Most teams need a variety of tools across multiple vendors to help them do their work and achieve their unique objectives. But, as our 2020 DevOps Trends Survey with CITE Research found, many teams experience challenges to implementing DevOps. There’s both a cultural and technical shift that’s required, and it can be unclear how to get started. 

On October 21st, Atlassian’s own Ian Buchanan – principal solutions architect and DevOps expert – hosted a webinar titled “Step Up Your DevOps Game with 4 Key DevOps Integrations.” He shared how our partner ecosystem helps power an integrated DevOps toolchain and its value to our customers. Drawing from his experience with our largest partners and customers as well as Atlassian customer surveys and insights, Ian introduced four key DevOps practices to consider as you move through your DevOps journey. With help from our friends from SmartBear, Snyk, LaunchDarkly, and Dynatrace, we also presented tips on how to…


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