4 Lessons From the Senior HR Manager of a Hyper-Growth Startup

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The early stages of a company are the best time to consider a career shift. When you join a hyper-growth startup that’s actively growing, like Esper, you have access to many different opportunities. You’ll have chances to try different positions and find the department that is the best fit for you. 

One of my favorite things about the work I do is how I get to help our staff members. I work with them to find them the right position, the ones they’re most passionate about. 

As we grow, I get to learn their strengths and weaknesses. I help guide them to their perfect role within our company. I can help them elevate their personal and professional development just like Esper did for me. 

At Esper, we surround ourselves with like-minded and passionate individuals who bring their knowledge and life experiences to the table. We’ve created a culture that I’m proud of — a culture that is highly collaborative and full of diversity.

Our people-first culture makes…


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