6 Android Alerts You Should Set Up in Your MDM

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Why Custom Android Device Alerts Matter

Manyara’s job involves a lot of business travel, so she’s no stranger to airport ticketing kiosks. After arriving at the airport for a 6am flight cross-country, Manyara walks up to her airline’s kiosk to scan the barcode in her confirmation email. She confirms her identity and pays the baggage check fee before hitting print. 

But, even though she’s used airport kiosks dozens of times in the past, nothing happens. Her bag tag and boarding pass don’t print.

Manyara starts to panic before she looks around for assistance. No one is around, so she’s forced to go stand in a lengthy line to speak with a ticket agent. She explains the error and feels even more frustrated when the airline agent can offer no explanation for the malfunction.

When Self-Serve Android Kiosks Fail to Serve

If she’s lucky, Manyara won’t miss her flight over the delay. But, even if she makes it to the terminal on time she’ll never be willing to…


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