A Complete Guide To CSS Transforms And Transitions Property

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Have you ever wondered how those three dots on a website blink so quickly? CSS Transforms and Transitions property can do the trick! CSS Transform property applies movement, rotation, skewing, and scaling to the HTML elements in 2D or 3D. The transition property helps the change to take place smoothly and swiftly.

If you are trying to make your project interactive, you should know about this power couple to keep your animations consistent and elusive. It’s best to avoid cross browser compatibility issues that might complicate your design.

So, what’s the difference between CSS Transform and CSS Transition? The Transform property in CSS moves or modifies the appearance of an element, whereas the Transition property seamlessly and gently transitions the element from one state to another.



In this blog, we will deep dive into the CSS Transform and Transition properties that will help you in creating simple and cool animations with fewer lines of…


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