A Complete Guide To CSS Variables [With Examples]

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Variables are the basic building block of any software application. They reduce the redundant tasks for the developers in a program and hold values that have to be used in the entire program. Websites are a bit different. A novice in web programming may not be aware that variables exist at the front-end of web development as well as in CSS. Variables serve the same purpose as they serve when implementation is done using C++, Python, etc. Their work and complexities motivated us to come up with a dedicated blog on CSS variables.

CSS variables (also known as Custom Properties) is a modern CSS specification that is gaining prominence due to widespread browser support. It reduces coding and maintenance time and lets you develop cross browser compatible websites. It also helps in declaring values for reuse across a CSS file, which was previously possible only with preprocessors such as Sass and LESS.

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In this blog, we will explore what CSS variables are and how to use variables in…


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