A Comprehensive Guide To Deal With XPath In Selenium

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Selenium has always been a first choice for automation developers to automate their web application. Locating dynamic web elements have historically been dolorous for automation testers which brings the scope of XPath in picture.

Xpath is one of the most preferable locator provided by Selenium. Locators are Selenium commands used to locate a GUI web element present in the web page Document Object Model(DOM) structure. Below are few locators supported by Selenium to locate web elements:

  • ID
  • XPath
  • Name
  • Class Name
  • CSS Selector
  • Linktext
  • Partial Linktext
  • Tag Name
  • DOM Locator

Though ID and CSS locators are said to be the best and fast locators. However, it is sometimes difficult to locate a web element even with ID, Name and CSS; in such case different methods of XPath in selenium play a vital role to locate the dynamic element.

In this article, we would be more focusing on how to deal with dynamic XPath’s. Dynamic XPath are also known as Custom XPath. Before moving ahead, let’s have a quick look…


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