A Look Inside Esper with Yadhu Gopalan

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The DroidDevCast is a new podcast brought to you by the team at Esper, where we’ll explore all things Android, mobile DevOps, and open source software development. On our first episode, Esper Content Marketing Manager and de facto podcast host Rin Oliver is joined by Esper CEO Yadhu Gopalan to learn more about why Esper is uniquely positioned for Android DevOps, and also touch on why DevOps matters for those Android developers working with single-purpose devices.

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Android DevOps versus Mobile Device Management

When exploring why Esper doesn’t position itself as a mobile device management solution, or MDM, its first helpful to understand Gopalan’s background in the industry. Gopalan spent over 20 years working on projects such as Sega Dreamcast, Amazon Fire OS, the operating system for the Windows phone, and the Amazon Go project and earned 35 patents along the way. 

During these projects, Gopalan initially noticed that…


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