Adapting to Android 11 – a Look at Android ‘R’

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6 Tips to Migrate Enterprise Apps to Android 11

With Google gearing towards the stable and final release of Android 11 by the end of the third quarter of 2020, I’m sure a lot of Android developers are looking to adapt their applications to support the newest version of Android. 

Android R, more commonly known as Android 11, comes packed with an array of new and exciting features including 5G support, one-time permissions, scoped storage and a lot more. 

I’ve discovered a few critical points for other Android Devs to keep in mind while transitioning enterprise app code for compatibility with Android 11 ‘R.’ 

1. Read the Android 11 Documentation

Every app uses various aspects of the Android SDK to a varying degree. The best place to start understanding the extent of the impact of Android 11 on your enterprise app is to read the official documentation preview. Since 11 ‘R’ is in Beta, take note that the documentation could change, but it’s still a…


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