Address these four technical debts to help your scale-up soar

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Learning to make long-term decisions is perhaps the hardest part of the tech scale-up journey.

Naturally, you still need to respond and adapt to of-the-moment customer needs. But as you move away from the start-up phase, you also need to place greater emphasis on product and technology planning.

Tackling technical debt that could pose problems in the future is central to this.

We’ve written a lot about the different circumstances that can lead to technical debt. There are times when it is inevitable, even desirable, that speed of software development is prioritised over quality. (Check out this blog which looks at deliberate vs inadvertent and reckless vs prudent technical debt). 

Whatever the story behind technical debt, it needs to be identified and managed. Bad debts need to be singled out and rectified before they come back to haunt you.

In our work with scale-ups, we find four types of technical debt routinely cause friction as a business and its…


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