Addressing ‘work from home fatigue’ the DevOpsGroup way

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According to a recent BBC headline, people are tired of working from home. The story draws on comments from the head of strategy at Canary Wharf Group which, to be fair, has a vested interest in getting people back to the office.

He does have a point though. Especially when he says people are “missing that opportunity to collaborate with and just see their friends in the office, to get your hair cut, to go and get a good coffee at lunchtime.” I think many of us can relate to that.

Here at DevOpsGroup, we closed the office and switched the entire team to homeworking on 12 March 2020, almost two weeks before the first lockdown started. We were in a good position compared to many other businesses. Some staff already worked this way all the time, and most of us did so on an ad hoc basis. We embraced the evolving Covid-19 situation as well as we could, and the transition was pretty smooth. But I don’t think anyone thought we’d still be working like this a year…


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