Android App Bundle: Get started

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It is a new publishing format by Google which is a more efficient way to develop and release app. App bundle helps to reduce your app size and deliver features on demand. Earlier, android operating system used android packaging kit (APK) to distribute and install applications on a device. These applications are downloaded by users across the world on various devices. These devices have different configurations and language inputs. To meet all the users demands, the application becomes bulky as all the features are to be downloaded.

Android App Bundle is a zip archive with .aab extension. It contains codes and resources for all the devices that the app supports. Google Play handles signing and generation, once it is uploaded for publishing. In app bundle, dynamic delivery is used to generate an optimized APK for users, based on their device configuration.

Benefits of .aab
The key benefit of android app bundle is that it the developers need to write less code to push the app in Play…


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