Android development: 3 lessons learned

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This month we have interviewed Diego Ojeda – Android Lead @Apiumhub. In this interview he shares his top 3 lessons learned as well as discusses some recommendations and Android development trends that make a difference nowadays. 

1.How to start using Android SDK?

The SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of tools developed and distributed by Google so that programmers can develop applications that run on Android, the most popular mobile operating system today.
Within this SDK we find tools that allow us to interact with our device (installing applications from the computer), decompile an .apk file to see its interior, debug our applications…
Apart from these tools, this SDK contains the necessary libraries to be able to interact with the Android operating system through code; that is, to develop our own applications.
The easiest way to use this SDK is to download the official tool for developing Android applications: Android Studio. This is an IDE that, from the moment we start…


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