Android Telehealth in the Time of COVID-19

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The DroidDevCast is a weekly podcast brought to you by the team at Esper, where we explore all things Android, single-purpose devices, and OSS development.

In this episode, Esper Platform Evangelist and podcast host Rin Oliver is joined by Shawn Withrow, a Business Analyst at Common Spirit who works with Cerner ProVision Document Imaging (CPDI) to discuss Android telehealth, healthcare in a pandemic, and how the role of Android mobility has changed during COVID-19. 

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How Android Telehealth Benefits Providers and Patients

“Patient safety and continuity of care are critical right now,” says Withrow. “I’ve seen that telehealth went from being an optional service to a critical one. It’s allowed any visits that would otherwise face cancellation… to keep moving forward.”

Withrow considers care continuity critical, especially when it comes to mental health services during what “continues to be a very stressful time…


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