Ask Me Anything Keynote: FinTech

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FinTech experts Matthew Ellis and Chenxi Wang took questions during All Day DevOps last keynote of 2020. Matthew works at Macquarie, a global, digital-only financial services company without any branch network and Chenxi is a founder and general partner at Rain Capital, a cybersecurity firm for financial institutions. 

DevOps Exposure

Matthew talks about his experience working at a trading desk. He had the opportunity to sit next to his users, writing software. And when you’re sitting that close with your users, the feedback loop is really tight. Software struggles to keep up with users’ expectations. That was Matthew’s first exposure to DevOps and it’s potential. 

Feedback Loops

When talking about feedback loops, the question comes up: is it better for the customer to move fast and have quick feedback loops, or is it better to have slower, more deliberate feedback loops? 

Chenxi, with no hesitation, claims that fast feedback loops are much better. You need levels of…


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