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Atlassian joins the Value Stream Management Consortium

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August 31, 2022

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The digital economy is global and affects almost all Atlassian customers. Many are on a journey to move from project to product; adopt cloud, Agile, and DevOps; and optimize digital experiences for their customers. They want to deliver better software that results in value outcomes faster, sooner, and safer. Value Stream Management (VSM) offers the path to these results. VSM is a set of practices that focus on teams working to deliver optimal customer experience using value streams as a foundational concept. With its roots in lean, agile, and DevOps, VSM is a natural next step for all of our customers engaging in digital transformation.

With analysts reporting massive upticks in inquiries about VSM, Atlassian recognizes that our customers look to us to help them adopt the VSM practices and tools that will make them successful. In a recent report, “The Value Stream Management Landscape, Q3 2022”, Forrester defines the VSM solutions market as “a market of software…


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