Backlog Refinement or Backlog Grooming

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In order to get everybody on the team aligned, teams plan the work that should be done in the next sprint. The purpose of sprint planning is to agree on a goal for the next sprint and the set of backlog items to achieve it. Sprint planning is about prioritizing backlog items and agreeing on the number of backlog items in the sprint based on team capacity. Sprint planning kicks off every sprint. Scrum suggests investing two hours per sprint week in planning sessions . Experienced teams will be able to cut this down to an hour per week or less. Mostly because they are comfortable with less detail upfront and more uncertainty in their definition of ready. The meeting is attended by the entire team. Outside stakeholders are invited if they can provide additional expertise for specific backlog items. And today we will discuss a very important topic – the Backlog Refinement vs backlog grooming.

Backlog Refinement or Backlog Grooming

Backlog refinement or backlog grooming  stands for…


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