Basics of Appium Mobile Testing

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  • Basics of Appium Mobile Testing
  • Appium Setup for Windows
  • Writing The First Appium Test Automation Script (Android)

  • Starting Appium Server and launching the app from code

  • How To Install Appium On A Mac Machine
  • Appium is an open source mobile app UI testing framework. You can test all types of mobile apps and perform automation test on physical devices as well as on emulators and simulators. Appium mobile testing does not have a dependency on mobile device OS and it supports cross-platform app testing as a single API works for both Android and iOS. Appium supports many popular languages like C, PHP, Python, C#, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, etc.

    When Appium is installed then a server is set up on your machine that exposes the REST API. It receives a command request from the client and executes that command on Android or iOS mobile devices. Then it responds back with an HTTP response. It uses mobile test automation frameworks like Apple instruments or UIAutomator2 to drive the UI of…

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