Best Practices for Purpose Built Devices

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What to Consider When Shopping for An Android Solution

The DroidDevCast is a weekly podcast brought to you by the team at Esper, where we explore all things Android, mobile DevOps, and open source software development. On this episode, Esper Content Marketing Manager and podcast host Rin Oliver is joined by Esper COO and Co-Founder Shiv Sundar to discuss best practices business owners and decision makers need to consider when shopping for purpose built Android devices.

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Off-the-Shelf vs. Purpose Built Devices

When Android first was released, the majority of devices were off-the-shelf ready, such as mobile phones and tablets. Over time, these use cases evolved as enterprises came to understand that their customers were likely going to be deploying devices. As such, they often end up purchasing said devices from retailers such as Amazon or another OEM provider. The simplest thing to do in this case, Sundar explains, is for…


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