Bitrise – pCloudy Integration: All you need to know

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pCloudy has always been determined to make it easy for our users to perform their testing tasks with much ease. A recent addition to pCloudy plugins has become a popular talk of the town in the world of Testing. The all new Bitrise-pCloudy plugin allows users to simply install their apk or ipa files on the devices without the hassle of transferring the app data from your personal computer. The plugin acts as an interface between the pCloudy devices and the Bitirise platform to easily sync the installation files from the app building platform straight to the Testing Cloud.

What is Bitrise?

Bitrise is a Continuous integration platform that allows users to run their Android or iOS builds on isolated dedicated cloud systems. App developers can simply pull the artifactories from the Github repository and convert them to ready to install apk or ipa files to test and use on the various devices.

pCloudy Bitrise Plugin

The Bitrise plugin allows users to view the list of the apk or ipa files…


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