Branching Out. Learning From Source Control Management

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This blog is a continuation of our #Scalingup blog series. Read the first blog of the series to know about our learning from our DevOps journey.

A source control is the backbone of any DevOps setup. In fact a source control is also the backbone of any software development endeavor. It’s not a question of why SCM, it’s a question of which one?

The next question is how best to use it. As a company that started from a very low developer count few years back, we had a certain set of processes which were ideal for the situation at that time. Now with around 30 odd developers we found ourselves soon outgrowing the same ideal processes. This was reflected in many instances of botched deployment (luckily only on Staging), overwritten code and merge conflicts. We then began tweaking our processes and in due course we have become many times more efficient.

This post chronicles that scaling journey from a small team that used a simple strategy to the present system where all…


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