Business Process Automation: What is it and how to implement it?

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The Pandemic has shown that Enterprises can bring drastic changes in a short span of time. There is always this question as to how did Enterprises scale up their digital transformation efforts in such a short time? And in some sense we owe it to automation and the advancement of technology. The pandemic has led many business leaders to think creatively and accelerate digital transformation in the organizations to deliver solutions faster than ever before. Many enterprises started to adopt various Rapid automation techniques such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial intelligence (AI), Business Process Automation (BPA), etc. to meet the growing needs of the consumer and clients. These automation techniques have saved a lot of time for businesses and enterprises that spent previous minutes of production involving the boring repetitive manual tasks that are now completed with the help of computers. Let’s dig a little deeper into Business Process Automation and understand…


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