Can x86 Run Android And How Will Enterprises Benefit?

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Wintel has dominated the purpose-built device fleet market for decades. For over 20 years, the combination of Windows Embedded or Windows CE was used to build specialized vertical market devices. This made sense when there was a rich supply of x86-based hardware and Microsoft’s innovation and progress on the OS.

The Downfall Of Windows x86

In the past few years, the industry has been roiled by Microsoft regularly ending updates for Windows Embedded and Windows CE. This means no more security patches for these aging operating systems resulting in putting them at severe risk of hacking. It shows that Microsoft is transitioning from an operating system-driven company to a Cloud and App company.

The announcement that Microsoft will be shipping Android-based devices means that, there is a risk in continuing to be on Microsoft for purpose-built device operating system software. To be clear, they are no longer in the game. However, Android is clearly the present and future…


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