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Chalk Talk: Bracketology and the Path to Success

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March 08, 2022

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We’re all busy strategizing our next business move, so why not get some insider tips from an expert like Joe Lunardi, inventor of “Bracketology,” which tells you how to create a winning strategy to complete your college basketball bracket. If you have yet to join the national college basketball phenomenon, it’s the yearly culmination of college basketball games into the ultimate tournament.

Developing your bracket is much like accelerating your business and ensuring your platforms and systems are operating at peak performance. But, first, you need to understand the starting point and where you are now to develop the path forward to achieving your goals.

As Joe puts it, “Winning is fun,” and you don’t need to follow every team throughout the season to create a winning bracket. Instead, there are key attributes you need to look for as you head into tournament season. There are unpredictable moments in the tournament every year that ensures it holds up to the college…


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